Thursday, September 23, 2010

How to Find Amazing Vintage at a Regular Thrift Store

Two weeks ago, I appeared in a segment on NBC 10 called "Cheap Chica" talking about how to find great vintage pieces for super low prices at any Goodwill thrift store. It was really cool sharing my love of thrift shopping and vintage fashion with viewers who may have never even thought of going to a thrift store for clothing. However, due to the time limit on the segment and the designer label angle of the report, I wanted to take the opportunity to give you the real deal.
Thrift Tips from a Vintage Junkie
Go to a thrift store with the mindset that you'll be there for at the very least, an hour.  Unlike your typical department stores and boutiques, thrift stores have a huge inventory and not much space to merchandise so the treasures you're looking for are most likely hidden.  I like to sift through items section by section so I'm sure not to miss anthing special!
Because patterns and cuts from garments of other decades are sized and proportioned differently than current US sizes, your best bet to ensure a great fit is to try on each item. 
Because prices are so insanely low at thrift stores, it's easy to stock up on tons of pieces including ones that will do nothing but cram your closet and eventually clutter your floor. (Trust me, I speak from experience.)  Before you go, flip through your favorite magazines or check out your favorite fashion blogs and bookmark specific styles that you'd like to find. 
Who cares if it's Louis Vitton/Coach/ Other Random Designer of Suburban Fascintaion! The fact is, all designers derive inspiration for their collections from vintage styles.  Do runway your way! Find a designer look you like, then take the magazine page with you to the thrift store and recreate the look for under ten dollars. Ex. In a Fall 2010 Ralph Lauren ad, I loved the look of a model wearing a long sleeved lace top under a short sleeved chiffon floral blouse. I went to a thrift shop and snagged a 90's Guess long sleeved lace top and a no name floral blouse, acheiving the same look for six bucks!
doesn't mean it's cool! Get what looks good! Trust me, if you go out looking like Holly Hobby you will pay for every drink you order.  If you truly fall in love with a floor length moo-moo, invest in getting it tailored!  If you paid three bucks for it, throwing down a bit of cash to make it your dream dress should be no trouble at all.
                                                                REAP THE REWARDS
With a little bit of creativity and a lot of patience, here are some of my best finds over the years.  Follow my lead, and you'll have a closet full of favorites, too!
Chiffon blouse, $2
 Featured in: CosmoGIRL!

Little black dress, $8
Wore to: NY Fashion Week Marc Jacobs Show

Phillies Tee, $3
Worn to: Broad Street, Citizens Bank Park, various dive bars
*If you live in Philly, a sweet team tee should be on your list!*

Happy Thrifting!
Emily Rose

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  1. My dress in the pic w you at the marc Jacobs show was vintage too! Double score! ;)