Friday, July 30, 2010

On My Way: Photos of Inspiration and a Note from Our Buyer

I have two choices of routes to take when traveling to the Goodwill in Bordentown, NJ. One takes me through super congested Cherry Hill and leads me to 295. I jump on and drive until I hit the Bordentown exit. It is usually a dry and uneventful trip. An occasional accident or a cop hiding in the bush reminds me to stay alert and focused on the road.

That brings me to route 130. A few miles past Willingboro is where I really start taking in the scenery. Most people would probably focus on the fields of wildflowers or horses playing amongst themselves. Not me. I like to see old things that are on their last legs. My beautiful field of flowers is something faded and falling apart, something with a story to tell.

This is one of many amazing vintage style motel signs that I see on my journey. It reaches to the tops of the trees, and you can't miss it when you drive by.

Could the name of this motel get any creepier. Straight out of a horror flick, it looks like it reads the "Strangel Motel". The colors are so great, faded blue with pops of yellow and white, gracefully rusted around the border of the sign.

This one is my fave! Look at the colors in the T.V./telephones sign. Classic vintage style.

So amazing!!!

These old vintage signs get me so excited to go shopping for the Retrospect. They get me thinking about the lives and stories of the people who stayed there. Just like the clothes I find they have stories to them, a past that is still living on.

- Jenn, Buyer

Employee Picks: Friday 7.30

Jenn: Vintage Sunglasses, $12

Why they are her pick of the day: "Since I don't come upon vintage sunglasses often, we usually just carry new sunglasses modeled after vintage ones. I was really excited to come across a whole bunch of great ones while out buying today."

Sharon: Zuba Pants, $16

Why they are her pick of the day: "I don't know what I like about them. They just feel good."

Joe B. thinks they're A-okay!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WORN: Flirty Skirts and Heightened Hems

It's happened to all of us. A certain pattern on a dress catches your eye. As you walk closer to it, you notice an attached belt in a pattern that perfectly contrasts with the color of the fabric. It's a done deal - until you lift it from the rack and the swirls of paisley reach all the way to the floor. Calling it "vintage" doesn't make it look any less PTA Mom of the Year, and the last piece you swore you would alter is still sitting in the back of your closet untouched.

Because we've been there so many times, we started to rework pieces with potential into short and sassy numbers that are sure to be instant hits! Check out the WORN line located in the center of the shop for heightened hems on our favorite dresses ($32) and skirts ($28).

WORN: Leather Shorts

From Ferragamo to Armani, leather shorts have been spotted all over the runway for the upcoming season. We love the way leather shorts give an edgy vibe to a simple silk blouse or a solid knit sweater so much so that we are going to rock them, too. Introducing WORN's leather short, $48. Now available at Retrospect in various sizes and shades.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Retrospect's blog!

We started this to keep you up to date with our latest and greatest finds, our fabulous new reworked vintage collection, and our monthly 50% off sales. We are also excited to bring you photos of inspiration, employee picks, and the snapshots of South Street that make our work days so entertaining. Thanks for checking us out. Enjoy!