Thursday, September 23, 2010

How to Find Amazing Vintage at a Regular Thrift Store

Two weeks ago, I appeared in a segment on NBC 10 called "Cheap Chica" talking about how to find great vintage pieces for super low prices at any Goodwill thrift store. It was really cool sharing my love of thrift shopping and vintage fashion with viewers who may have never even thought of going to a thrift store for clothing. However, due to the time limit on the segment and the designer label angle of the report, I wanted to take the opportunity to give you the real deal.
Thrift Tips from a Vintage Junkie
Go to a thrift store with the mindset that you'll be there for at the very least, an hour.  Unlike your typical department stores and boutiques, thrift stores have a huge inventory and not much space to merchandise so the treasures you're looking for are most likely hidden.  I like to sift through items section by section so I'm sure not to miss anthing special!
Because patterns and cuts from garments of other decades are sized and proportioned differently than current US sizes, your best bet to ensure a great fit is to try on each item. 
Because prices are so insanely low at thrift stores, it's easy to stock up on tons of pieces including ones that will do nothing but cram your closet and eventually clutter your floor. (Trust me, I speak from experience.)  Before you go, flip through your favorite magazines or check out your favorite fashion blogs and bookmark specific styles that you'd like to find. 
Who cares if it's Louis Vitton/Coach/ Other Random Designer of Suburban Fascintaion! The fact is, all designers derive inspiration for their collections from vintage styles.  Do runway your way! Find a designer look you like, then take the magazine page with you to the thrift store and recreate the look for under ten dollars. Ex. In a Fall 2010 Ralph Lauren ad, I loved the look of a model wearing a long sleeved lace top under a short sleeved chiffon floral blouse. I went to a thrift shop and snagged a 90's Guess long sleeved lace top and a no name floral blouse, acheiving the same look for six bucks!
doesn't mean it's cool! Get what looks good! Trust me, if you go out looking like Holly Hobby you will pay for every drink you order.  If you truly fall in love with a floor length moo-moo, invest in getting it tailored!  If you paid three bucks for it, throwing down a bit of cash to make it your dream dress should be no trouble at all.
                                                                REAP THE REWARDS
With a little bit of creativity and a lot of patience, here are some of my best finds over the years.  Follow my lead, and you'll have a closet full of favorites, too!
Chiffon blouse, $2
 Featured in: CosmoGIRL!

Little black dress, $8
Wore to: NY Fashion Week Marc Jacobs Show

Phillies Tee, $3
Worn to: Broad Street, Citizens Bank Park, various dive bars
*If you live in Philly, a sweet team tee should be on your list!*

Happy Thrifting!
Emily Rose

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

For Dudes: The Best of GQ's Fall Trend Report

GQ's September issue predicted this season's hottest trends for men. Whether you splurge on these designer duds or score the vintage version, I'd love to see these featured favorites on the streets of Philly!

"The Odd Vest" on the biggest babe ever, Cole Mohr

The Toggle Coat

The Graphic Knit Sweater

Lace Up Boots

Dark Khakis (No exception! MUST be dark!)

Biker Jacket

Monday, September 20, 2010

Halloween is Just Around the Corner!

We're getting ready for Halloween! How about you? Come and check out our awesome selection for the best holiday of the year!

Electric Shades: 80s Beauty for the Modern Lady

Going to an eighties party? Step away from the Aqua Net!
Here are some great ways you can bring the beauty of the eighties up to date!

HAIR: Do It Up

Rather than creating your own hole in the ozone layer by using an entire can of hair spray while teasing your hair to the point of breakage, try these slick backed up dos that come off more catwalk than costume.

To get a look like this, snag a ton of bobby pins. Start by dampening your hair with a spray bottle of water. Run a quarter sized amount of pomade through your hair. (My absolute favorite is Joico Creme Wax.)

Pin back the hair on the sides of your head as tightly and smoothly as possible, leaving the hair on top of your head free. Spray each side with a super hold hair spray.

Sweep your bangs up and backward with a comb as high as they will reach, twist the end of your bangs, and pin them to give them volume. Section the hair on top of your head into three parts. Lightly spray each section and lightly tease upward with a comb. Twist and pin the ends of each section toward the back of your head.

Section the remaining hair into small parts on the back of your head and beneath your sides. Take each section and brush it back tightly, pinning it down toward the back of your head, while leaving the longer pieces to fall at the back of your neck, creating a ponytail. Spray and lightly tease the loose pieces in the back, and you're set!

*When working a do like this one, always be sure to bring a few extra bobby pins in your bag so you can pin any stray hairs that could come loose.

Or, let's say you have five minutes to get ready......

Simply pin back, lightly tease your bangs, and sass it up with a simple accessory!

EYES: Shock Treatment

Eighties eyes were all about bold and vibrant color. Rather than layering on loads of bright shadow, make your eyes pop highly pigmented liner over each lid in a single thick line.

Finest Liners

Make Up Forever


LIPS: Think Pink

For a perfect eighties pout, glaze over a hot pink matte lipstick with an ultra shimmery gloss.

Lip Picks

NARS Lipstick in Schiap

Benefit Lip Gloss in "Who Are You Wearing?"

By following these simple tips, you can work the eighties into your beauty routine everyday!

Stay sassy,

Emily Rose

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Seventies Sizzle at New York Fashion Week

Marc Jacobs has always been my favorite designer to watch when New York Fashion Week rolls around. His modern take on vintage designs through the use of unexpected color, intricate patterns, and varying textures and fabrics has captivated me since the first time I saw one of his ads. His collection that debuted last week set the style standard that spring 2011 will be all about the seventies. Maxi dresses, geometric knits, big shades, and even bigger hair are making a comeback. So sass, I can't help but wish I could skip over winter!

Retro on the Runway

Oscar De La Renta, Fall 2010

This fall, much of the outerwear we see revolves around classicly simple touches of fur. Fur collars and cuffs are standard for most designer vintage pieces, and we have a variety of sizes, patterns, and colors to choose from at the shop. See our latest favorite below, available now!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Get a $5 Gift Certificate to the Store in a Snap!

Scion is promoting their latest models by the side of the shop. Stop by and take a quick test drive or a ride to receive a five dollar gift certificate to Retrospect!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Work It: Great Capes

Whether you are going for boho chic, vintage vixen, or casual cool, we have a cape for every girl!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Vintage type has always held a place in my heart. From the bold and ornate to the slim and worn, each so beautiful in it's own way. The design of the font can tell you many stories about the piece it is placed on. From a 70's kitchen to a rustic log cabin, a diner table to a front step in the 50's, each item tells a tale
of what it was used for. We have seen many different vintage fonts walk in and out of Retrospect, here are some of my favorites that are at the store now.

Here are a couple vintage typography sites,
one of which has 45 amazing fonts you can download!

Fall/Winter Style Inspiration for Men

With countless publications and TV ads telling men how to look, it can be completely overwhelming for the average guy to stay in style. An easy way to make sure you never lose your edge is to always look to the past for inspiration and guidance. The classics never get old. Check out these style icons who will always rule no matter what decade it is.


Steve McQueen


Quadrophenia 1979


Charles Lindbergh


Chet Baker


Jean-Luc Godard


Jim Jarmusch and Tom Waits


Syd Barrett

Style tips from Jason - MGR

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Garden Party

flirty in floral
these vintage beauties just arrived today!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Modern Romance: Five Fall Faves I Can't Wait to Pair with Vintage

With the release of September Vogue and the buzz about New York Fashion Week, who isn't jumping at the thought of what's new for fall? Here are my top five picks for new digs that will really make your vintage pieces rock.


Stand tall in your favorite printed frock with a pair of wedges by a man who will never dissapoint you:Wakefield Wedge, by Sam Edelman.


Add an edge with studs and a touch of sweetness with sparkle! Find this ring and more awesome designs at the Center City Boutique, Shimmer and Spice.


A basic black over-the-knee boot paired with tall socks and a cozy sweater dress will add a touch of sass to casual Friday: Davie Flat Over-the-Knee Boot by Dolce Vita.


Can't go wrong with a classic: The original Ray Ban Wayfarer 2140.


Cozy up your toes in adorable anklets and tall socks this season.

Pair with your thrifty finds and you'll set the style standard for vintage lovers everywhere!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Retro on the Runway

Gucci, Fall 2010

Go wild with your fall wardrobe by adding animal prints. This season, the runway was dotted with fierce fashions that put leopard print on the top of the trend list. See how to look runway the retro way with this amazing coat and other lovely leopard pieces now available at Retrospect:

Mixtape: Emily Rose's Top Ten

There are so many reasons why I absolutely love my job. I work with wonderful friends who are equally entertained by the social climate of South Street. I've collected so many vintage dresses that I've already accepted the fact that I'll someday be on Hoarders with the most fabulous mess they've ever seen. Not to mention while I'm taking in the scenery and checking out our newest arrivals, I can listen to my favorite songs.

The coolest part about being able to play our own music at the shop is discovering new bands through co-workers. All of us have such different tastes in music, so you can only imagine the ridiculous amount of music we have in our back room. I though it would be neat to feature ten favorite songs to play at work from each person at the shop each week. My list consists of the punk bands I grew up listening to along with some babelicious New York bands that I can't help but love! Enjoy.

Emily Rose's Top 10 Work Tunes

Misfits- Spinal Remains