Tuesday, January 25, 2011

4 Ways Every Sassy Girl Should Have Started Off the New Year

So it's been 25 days since the start of the new year, and if we're talking resolutions, well, I had a cigarette at some party last week, ate two orders of buffalo wings waaay after seven the other night, and oh that gym I was supposed to join? I'm just waiting for the chance to buy sneakers to work out in.

And today, while considering my broken resolutions, I made a new list.  A list I want to keep.  A list that's easy, fun, and doesn't involve wearing sweatpants and running a lot or depriving myself of food that tastes awesome.  I'm so happy with my edited resolutions that I want to share them with you.  Feel free to pick them up yourself!

Emily Rose's Simple and Sassy Resolutions

1. Step Up Your Vintage with some Killer Kicks!

Go from old-fashioned to high fashion by pairing your favorite vintage frock with a dramatic pair of wedges like these Jeffrey Campbell 99 Lace Ups ($114, solestruck.com).

2. Stir Something Up Seventies Style

Buy a vintage Betty Crocker recipe card set and plan a dinner-at-home night with your roommates.  Stick the courses you plan on the fridge, and try your hand at home cooking.  The best part about using a seventies recipe set is that no matter what crazy concoction you end up with, it will somehow always look more appetizing than the picture on the card. 

3. Love Your Locks

Your hair will forgive you for every dye job and straightening treatment you've ever put it through with just a nickel-sized amount of this miraculous leave-in moisturizer.  It seals split ends and leaves you with shiny hair that smells amazing! (Available at LUSH, $18.)

4. Get Crafty!

Liven up a cold night in with some crafting! Amy Sedaris' new book, Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People, has lots of cute and kitchy projects that are easy to make and perfect to display in your home.