Monday, September 20, 2010

Electric Shades: 80s Beauty for the Modern Lady

Going to an eighties party? Step away from the Aqua Net!
Here are some great ways you can bring the beauty of the eighties up to date!

HAIR: Do It Up

Rather than creating your own hole in the ozone layer by using an entire can of hair spray while teasing your hair to the point of breakage, try these slick backed up dos that come off more catwalk than costume.

To get a look like this, snag a ton of bobby pins. Start by dampening your hair with a spray bottle of water. Run a quarter sized amount of pomade through your hair. (My absolute favorite is Joico Creme Wax.)

Pin back the hair on the sides of your head as tightly and smoothly as possible, leaving the hair on top of your head free. Spray each side with a super hold hair spray.

Sweep your bangs up and backward with a comb as high as they will reach, twist the end of your bangs, and pin them to give them volume. Section the hair on top of your head into three parts. Lightly spray each section and lightly tease upward with a comb. Twist and pin the ends of each section toward the back of your head.

Section the remaining hair into small parts on the back of your head and beneath your sides. Take each section and brush it back tightly, pinning it down toward the back of your head, while leaving the longer pieces to fall at the back of your neck, creating a ponytail. Spray and lightly tease the loose pieces in the back, and you're set!

*When working a do like this one, always be sure to bring a few extra bobby pins in your bag so you can pin any stray hairs that could come loose.

Or, let's say you have five minutes to get ready......

Simply pin back, lightly tease your bangs, and sass it up with a simple accessory!

EYES: Shock Treatment

Eighties eyes were all about bold and vibrant color. Rather than layering on loads of bright shadow, make your eyes pop highly pigmented liner over each lid in a single thick line.

Finest Liners

Make Up Forever


LIPS: Think Pink

For a perfect eighties pout, glaze over a hot pink matte lipstick with an ultra shimmery gloss.

Lip Picks

NARS Lipstick in Schiap

Benefit Lip Gloss in "Who Are You Wearing?"

By following these simple tips, you can work the eighties into your beauty routine everyday!

Stay sassy,

Emily Rose

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