Monday, April 4, 2011

Sweet Surprise

I walked into work today after a long day of buying and noticed a sassy little flyer placed on our counter top. 

photo by 

I picked it up and realized that the picture of the vintage shoes on it were from Retro! What an honor. I asked my co-worker where it came from and he told me that when we reopened in our new location, a girl was in taking pics for her blog. I was so excited to get home and check it out.

Casey Sperry, a Philly resident, photographer and fashion enthusiast, had the nicest things to say about Retro and it's new location. Check out her words and see our store through her eyes. Also check out the great shot Casey took of our sassy assistant manager Emily Rose, what a babe!

Check out Casey's blog: 

Thanks so much Casey!!! 

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  1. Thanks Retro! You guys are great! ~ Casey