Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tried and True: Vintage Pieces that Love You Back

The Classic Denim Jacket
Guy or girl, it's a universal must-have.
Various sizes and styles available now at $18-$28.
Rainbow Plaid Sixties Dress, $24.

The Acceptable Sister of Sweatpants
The comfort of PJs, but cool to wear in public!
Various sizes and styles available now at $14-$18
Silk tank, $12.

The 50/50 Tee
Our 50/50 tees have the feel of your ex's tee that you didn't throw away only
because it's so perfectly worn in, minus the cringe-y memories.
So many to choose from! Just $18.
Jeans, $14-$28.
Striped bangles, $3 each.

The Favorite Skirt
Most of our vintage skirts are perfectly priced at $14.
Ruffled blouse, $16.  Sweater, $12.  Leather belt, $12.

The Cozy Cardigan
Brought to you with love by the 80s.
Oversized Cardigan, $24
Leather bag, $16.

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