Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Got It At Retrospect!

People come in all the time and tell us how much they love our store.

"You have such AMAZING stuff," they'll tell us.

Some of our shoppers will remark, "I come in here all the time, I got the BEST Summer dress here last year, I wear it all the time."

Just today, as I was ringing him up, one of our shoppers said, in his thick accent, "We don't have places like this in DUNEDIN!" (I had to look it up, but it's a real place, and we were glad to have him come such a long way to shop with us!)

 It's great to know that our store has become a part of so many peoples lives. Everyone who works here knows what a buzz it can be (and how difficult it is) finding that PERFECT jacket, or those boots that fit JUST RIGHT and somehow NEVER go out of season. Well, we thought we'd start snapping pictures of some of our excited visitors and share their experiences with you!

This is SUNNY

Believe me, her name matches her smile. She's 21 and lives here in Philadelphia.
She was so OVERJOYED with this floral dress, we just knew she had to have it.

Sunny told us she couldn't just walk past our store, somehow the style just "drew her in."
We're so glad you agree, Sunny!

Sunny also told us she was impressed with all the "cool stuffs" in Retrospect and the "reasonable prices."
We do our best, Sunny ;^)
Please come see us again!

~Jefrey of the Retro staff

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  1. This is so awesome, thank you guys so much!